After covid I spent 2 years doing all these amazing outdoor adventures from rappelling,rock climbing,canyonering,ziplining, cave rappelling, climbing through caves, white water Kyacking and white water tubing. That all came to a hault March 2023
Turned out I had buldging discs that prevented me from doing any type of activity or house cleaning movements. All i could do was power through to work on my clients. Some days Id be coming home crying it was so bad.
Finally got buldging disc to stop hurting but turned out the underlying issue is extreme arthritis in my neck. It radiates through my shoulder blades and up my neck. Feels like someone is applying to pressure to that area.

What also makes it worse is thinking about it,being stressed and not being able to focus my mind on other things. I used to get so invigorated by being active and recharged that way where some people like to rest and be by themselves to recharge.

When I realized that i needed to slow down with work and take lots of breaks to rest my neck i realized if i didn’t get out of the house and travel i wouldn’t relax.

What I found as I started planning my trips to give me an outlet that just talking about it made me feel energized and alive again like I once was.

I decided to merge my two passions together with you and share all my amazing experiences.
Travel has always been my passion and have traveled solo alot as well so i have lots of travel tips and funny stories of my past trips to share.

My 2 upcoming trips are Portugal with my new friend i connected with by making a random fb post about looking to travel with someone.
Then Pannama the country. (Playing with monkeys and staying in overwater bungalows will make for some great photos).

Please join me on my social media account to see all the places Im going and learn some new tips on travel and how to take care of your skin while traveling.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Much Love,