Skin Care 101 Method

The very week I started educating my clients with the Skin Pro Guide my retail sales increased drastically. It was this very reason I decided to put this manual together to help other estheticians. I can ensure that you will be successful if you take time and energy to learn the guide and teach others how to take care of their skin. You will gain new clients and increase your retail sales.

Finding a variety of places to host you will increase your ability to get in front of new clients.

I believe nowadays you can be more successful in attaining new clients through education rather than deep discounts, Groupons or very reduced service prices.

A big ah-ha moment happened when after being in my treatment room for nearly 15 years I left and went out on my own. I then started putting myself out there at events. Boy… was I scared, I didn’t know the questions I’d be asked or if I would even know the answers. Because I had been practicing for a long time with the same clients, they didn’t question me or ask questions about my products. What I found out was nothing less than astonishing.

“I will never forget my first time being at an event representing myself and my own practice. A customer didn’t know you were supposed to wash your face 2x a day.” Wow! I couldn’t believe that question. So It occurred to me just how basic we have to be when educating our clients.

We have been educating on the deep points of skin care all the while forgetting just how back to the basics we need to be with our clients. Our clients really don’t know that much. It then occurred to me how overwhelming and expensive some whole product lines can be. So I created the Skin Pro Guide to enable clients to go at their own pace and create the perfect regimen on the perfect budget for their needs.


When you purchase the Skin Care 101 Method you get more than just a guide. You get:

  • Step by Step Instruction on How to Successfully Teach the Skin Care Basics 101
  • Class Invites for Events
  • Graphics and Guides to Handout to Clients to Engage Them in the Class
  • Product Neutral Pyramid Guide to Help Easily Guide Clients on How to Take Care of Their Skin in a Non-Overwhelming Way that Enables the Professional to Increase Retail Sales


 This program has been tested and approved by me and will enable anyone to be successful if they put the time and energy into this program.

Lori Hulshof, CEO Silent Esthetician